Has something like this ever happened to your business?  It’s business as usual–things are going fine, then a couple of your accounts receivable are past due; a machine that you purchased recently doesn’t work the way it was promised to work; one of your employees is accused of sexually harassing another employee or you worry that contract you drafted on your own may not be sufficient.

You need more than an aspirin, you need a lawyer and quick.  But many small businesses do not have an ongoing relationship with a lawyer or a law firm and do not know whom to call when a “situation” develops.We can help!!

Our “Rent A Lawyer” program will put one of our qualified and experienced attorneys at your disposal for one day at a flat fee of $1200.  That means for one work day, a full 8 hours,you can ask all your legal questions and get answers, all in the convenience of your own office.  There is no ongoing retainer, no commitment and no long-term contract.  You pay the flat fee and you get the undivided attention of an experienced attorney who will be available to you to review contracts, leases, past due accounts, employee manuals, employment agreements–pretty much any subject you need reviewed for 8 hours.

If you don’t need us for the full 8 hours for business questions, our attorney will be available to meet with any of your employees to address their legal concerns (a nice employee “perk”).

That’s it!  With attorney hourly rates rising, this is a good deal for you (and for us–we represent lots of businesses both large and small. We can help your business too).  Try it!  Let’s see how it works.