Sales Representative Cases

Michigan has a very strong public policy embodied by state law protecting sales representative commissions. Specifically, a principal is obligated to pay any sales commissions due and owing within 45 days of termination of a manufacturer’s sales representative. If the principal fails to pay in a timely fashion, the sales representative can utilize the punitive provisions of this statute to seek recovery of three times the amount of actual damages up to a certain limit. Our law firm has successfully represented several clients on a number of cases in this arena. Key to effective advocacy in this area is discovery of the nature of the relationship between the representative and the principal. Often times a claim should be made not just for overdue commissions at the time of termination but for commissions extending for several years into the future. Because of Michigan’s involvement in the auto industry many sales representatives are involved with Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III suppliers.  We have been very successful representing our clients throughout the state in these cases.

Attorney Frederick Boncher practices in this area of law.